Our Story

The Challenges

Hi, I am Vince Omega, the co-owner of Tee Wreckx and the son of Wreckx himself and my mom, Suzette, a high school teacher. Decades ago, we were hustling in every business we were able to enter. Like most Filipino families, regular salary isn't enough to pay mortgage while raising kids to school. In fact, me and my sister engaged to small businesses while still in school despite of us both being enrolled to public schools our entire life. These includes selling stick-o, cellular load, ice-candies, polvoron, or anything that can somehow juice up extra money for allowances. My dad on the other hand, as a house-husband, sidelines to selling wet goods, such as hams, hotdogs, or resells appliances. Basically, we were all trying to put up our own share as much as we can to live off an average Filipino life. 

The Start

In 2011, my mom and dad were able to start a small printing business with my mom's fellow teachers. It started as a hobby and the main customers were of their school's reunion or other events. After few months, their partners left. Only my mom and dad was left managing the printing business. They were able to supply Physical Education uniforms for our local high school in Argao, Cebu, Philippines for quite awhile. We also have our friends and acquaintances recommending customers for us for small gatherings, special events, and personal gifts - but it wasn't still enough. 

Leveling up

In late 2019, we decided to up the game and built the brand "Tee Wreckx" in the name of our first printer, my Dad. Also a fun attempt to a pun crossing over the idea of a famous dinosaur "T-Rex" and our primary product, "Shirts". It was actually crazy because T-Rex technically couldn't possibly wear a shirt both because of their short limbs and of course - their extinct. Well, I guess that's what we're really all about. Making stuff up and trying to put out timeless and relatable merch for the people.

Nowadays, we've been bombarded with all these big expensive brands. We don't need more of it. What we need are businesses that put out valuable content that speaks the truth of the people. Knows the culture of the people. So that's what we did ~ ! Until then, we dedicated ourselves into improving the quality of both the product and the content. 

The Community

We've been having pop-up shops around our town, and participated special events in different universities. We were able to participate in University of the Philippines' biggest event, Cookout 2019. What we loved so much about doing pop-up shops despite the hassle is the intimacy we get from the customers. The smiles and the small talks, perhaps, an idea they found in our pin or they embodied the design of the shirts. That's the experience that we treasure so much and we also want to share that experience with other people as well - the community feeling per se.

Level up v2.0

After months, we've start to hear back from people referring us and giving good feedback as the Tee Wreckx. However, we have had some few negative feedback about our shirt. It was a generic shirt that we bought from a supplier from the city. It was cheap and widely used but it wasn't really the best piece of fabric. Since we devoted ourselves to pursuing quality, I decided to level up more by investing to heavy-duty sewing machines and employing a local seamstress. We learned everything we can learn to manufacture our own shirts - AND WE DID! 

Printing Ideas™ 

It's not really about us, it's the people. All we did was to convert and help make your ideas into a shirt. Something got wild in facebook? A trending TV series on netflix? A new slang word is used? These are all you. Our shirts are just a respond to the ideas we as a community create. 

Print Ideas with us!